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About Us

Die Gl'Amouresque is a Berlin-based burlesque and cabaret group with vintage charm and a modern twist founded by Tara D'Arson (Coraline Arnaud) & Rose Noire (Sally Cowdin) in 2016.

Professional dancers bring their talents to the stage including dance, fire, aerial and more.

Seductive, playful and classy, Die Gl'Amouresque will take you on a journey through the golden years of burlesque. 

Meet your ladies of Gl'Amour!

Tara D'Arson

Tara D'Arson was born in a small oysterman village in the heart of France. As a young girl, she idolized Zizi Jeanmaire, so after completing her arduous ballet education, she flew to Paris to become a "Meneuse de Revue" in a cabaret. She rose to stardom fanning her feathers and dancing in the legendary capital, but her burning desire for new sources of inspiration grew. In search of more, she left the glittering city of lights and journeyed East to conquer the evermore devilish heart of Berlin. It took only one trip to Berlin for her to realize that the city of sex, glamour and tease was exactly where she should be.

With "Die Gl'Amouresque" Tara brings her visions to life in the city of freedom; performing on her own, and with her ladies, throughout the city and across the world.

Rose Noire

Rose grew up in the slums of Kansas City where she managed to escape at the early age of 16 taking all her hard earned tricks with her. Her first stop was Minneapolis but San Francisco was soon calling and she found her first... victim. But one victim was not enough and the calls of another brought Rose to Berlin. After swinging her way through the marvellous city, Berlin managed to snatch her up with its perfect combination of grunge and class making her its victim for the moment.


In the hedonistic capital of swing, jazz, sex and booze, Rose felt at home. Whiskey in hand and skirt whipping around every corner of the city, she explored every bar and speak-easy in town. She soon found the other ladies of "Die Gl'Amouresque" and the rest, as we know, is history...

Amelia Dellair, Revue, Berlin, Burlesque
Lexi Stellar

Alexina van Stellingen, now known as Lexi Stellar, grew up on a simple Flemish farm, amongst the cows and sheep. Dancing was a passion strongly frowned upon by those around her: there was work on the farm which simply had to be done! One day, sick of milking cows, she threw off her clogs and apron and travelled to wherever the wind blew her.

She wandered to Russia and then on to Romania only to be captured by a dark Count. Fortunately, Lexi managed to escape and as she ran and ran, she found herself in a city where she felt welcome and accepted, Berlin. It wasn’t long until she met this group of talented ladies and they quickly saw Lexi had a passion which they all shared. They welcomed her into the troupe with open arms and so Lexi could finally live out her potential and dreams!


Jacky Lu


Once upon a time in a little town called Castefranco Veneto there was a little girl called Jacky Lu. Her dream was to shake it all over the world.  

She knew if she wanted to become a powerful and worldly dancer she would have to first face the world of ballet, where the most audacious heroic dancers she knew of had arisen from. Jacky Lu soon left her beloved family to start her adventures, her first stop on a tropical island! 

Lucky Jacky made her biggest dream come true. Jumping, shaking and sailing the 7 seas for 5 long years. But after traveling the world, she was searching for a special place to call home. From the first day she stepped into sparkling, sexy, wild and freaky Berlin she knew that it was the place where she belonged. She shook her way all the way to 'Die Gl'Amouresque' and she keeps on shaking it over and over again!

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